The power of knowledge has shifted from the seller to the buyer. Embrace the change and gain competitive advantage over your rivals. Take more than your fair share of leads, and close more sales.

The business-to-business sales process changed fundamentally with the internet and continues to evolve. Buyers now undertake more research, gather more knowledge before contacting potential suppliers and this means their propensity to buy from you has already been shaped by the time they complete a contact form or pick up the phone to you. This is both a threat and an opportunity for your company. If your leads and sales are sliding, your approach is failing. We can help you turn the situation around to gain you more leads and make buyers more likely to buy from you when they do contact you.

Start with helping, not selling

It still amazes us how many B2B companies' websites focus on what they want to say, the features of using them or what their latest gizmo 'thing' can do. What their website should be doing is talking about the challenges that their customer face and helping their customers solve these challenges. Innovation Visual might provide SEO, PPC, CRO or some other acronym, but you are not here to buy that; you are here to solve the problem of not enough leads for your sales people, or the phone not ringing enough with new enquiries. We understand this we can help you solve your problem, and we are going to do it by helping you focusing on solving your customers problems with your digital communications.

Inbound marketing & more

The principle of inbound marketing is that you create useful content for your potential customers and then they come to your website and you help them some more and they will end up converting and becoming leads. We subscribe to this general principle and provide Inbound marketing, but we know it is has to be wrapped up in specialist knowledge in other areas. 

We have the skills across all of the important digital disciplines that allow us to provide you with all the ingredients needed to get results. From driving traffic to the website from organic search or paid advertising, through to content strategy development, execution of the resulting plan and conversion optimisation and building of marketing automation workflows. We have both the skills and the knowledge to transform a B2B website from poor performer to star performer. 

New site not required

Most of the time a new website is not the solution to generating more B2B leads and sales. Too many companies fall into the trap of being convinced that it is the 'way it looks' needs to be changed by a creative led marketing agency and end up spending on an expensive website rebuild when actually the performance of the current site can be transformed with the right skills, knowledge and strategy. 

We want our clients to spend more on what delivers real, tangible results and we are happy to be measured by our results for our clients. Fill out the form on this page, or pick up the phone to us and call 0333 772 0509, if you want to know more. If you still need more convincing we are right for you, learn what our current clients say about us.

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