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Why Content Is A Critical Element Of Any Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Content is arguably your business’s most valuable digital asset. That is because great content not only engages with your website visitors as part of their buying journey and can heavily influence conversion and revenue, it also plays a role in the way search engines rank your individual website pages. The quality of content on those pages influences if and how search engines serve your page in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) to users in response to relevant searches.

As content is so central to the successful performance of a website, shouldn’t you be sure that your existing and planned content is the right content to get your site seen by your target audience? After all, working on the wrong content will not only waste valuable resource, but is likely to negatively impact the potential return you see from your website as a result.

Our Free Content Audit* will help you understand the value of the content you already have and the scope of the content you should be developing, in order to improve traffic and conversions on your website. You’ll also receive a practical Report on our audit findings, complete with advice on how to improve your existing content as well as how to develop and implement an effective content strategy designed specifically for your business.

Why Are We Offering This Audit & Report Free of Charge?

We have an exceptional team of experienced content marketers that are passionate about the value of great content in enhancing website performance. They know that once a business understands how content can deliver the right traffic and improve the customer experience, it's a no-brainer to invest in developing and implementing a well-targeted content strategy. That is why we have decided to offer our existing detailed Audit service free of charge, but only for a short period of time.


What is Included in this Content Audit & Report?

  1. A full audit of your website’s key* content areas, to identify the opportunities for improving its performance
  2. Analysis of the gaps in your current content collection, aligned with relevant keywords and buyers’ journey stages.
  3. Advice on using business data to more accurately provide insights into the performance of your existing content
  4. Recommendations on developing content that will appeal to your different audiences at each stage of their buyers’ journey
  5. The preparation of a Full written report that details our findings, recommendations and suggestions.
Each report is researched and prepared by a content marketing expert. Your report will offer tips and useful information on the development and implementation of an effective content strategy specifically for your business, your audiences and your objectives.

*We will select the most relevant and important areas of content on your website to audit.

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Identifying Content Opportunities for Better Business Results

What Is Content?

Content is the material your business publishes digitally, and it comes in many forms. From website pages and articles, blogs and videos to email newsletters and paid digital ads. Every type of content your business creates should have a purpose and the value of every piece of content should be measurable.

What Type of Content Works?

To perform, your content has to be strategically planned in order to deliver the results you need. It is essential that it is helpful, informative and engaging so that it attracts visitors and moves them through the buyer’s journey, so they ultimately take action. However, it also has to answer the right questions, attract the right people and encourage the right resulting action and for that is has to be carefully researched and planned.

How Do You Decide What Content To Produce?

Assuming you are clear on your audience(s) and relevant keywords, starting with a content audit is the best and most efficient way to ensure your content is valuable and is doing all it can to move prospects down the funnel towards conversion and sales.

An effective content audit assesses your existing content and enables you to take a step back to evaluate where there are gaps and areas for improvement, when analysed against your keywords, target audiences and business objectives.

Why not use our Content Audit to ensure your content is working as hard as possible and engaging with your prospects and customers in the right way? We’ll assess your existing content, offer advice on optimising its performance and value as well as offer suggestions for new content that is specifically designed to improve SERP rankings, attract the right traffic and increase conversions.

The Value Of Effective Content On The Bottom Line

Ensuring your business delivers great content to your audience is increasingly important. As businesses operate online more than ever before, the competition for the number one spot in search results is getting ever more fierce. The quality of your website content is key in delivering the differentiation you need to stand out.

The fact is, good quality content is absolutely essential, both in SEO and in retaining and engaging with visitors on your site. Content is your business’ means to effectively attract and speak with your prospects and customers. It allows you to address their changing needs and offer answers to the variety of questions they are likely to have, with the aim of retaining them on your website and convincing them that your business offers them the solution they are looking for. Well planned content also builds visibility and share of voice increasing brand awareness and so engaging with prospects earlier in their buyers’ journey.

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*This Free Content Audit is available at our discretion and is subject to qualifying criteria. 

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