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How to Use Video in Digital Marketing

Video is one of the most powerful forms of media when it comes to engaging people. A well-made video can be eye-catching, entertaining and informative but also, more importantly, can drive traffic and conversions. One of the standout advantages of video is the ability to present a large amount of information to the viewer quickly and in a far more engaging way than having them read an article.

The Power of Video

There is no platform that showcases the power of video better than YouTube. Some of the statistics for this video upload platform are incredible:

  • Over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute (thats an increase of over 200 hours per minute since 2018)
  • Nearly 5 billions videos are watched on YouTube daily
  • Over 1 billion hours of content is watched on YouTube per dayYouTube Logo

These statistics show the current popularity of video and proves that there are certainly a number of willing consumers for video-based content, YouTube isn't the only platform either, with Vimeo and Twitch building popularity as well. With so much interaction occurring on YouTube it is important that your business has a YouTube channel, is posting videos regularly and is taking the time to review the engagement those videos received (the only caveat being that you have researched your customer personas and that video is a channel on which you are likely to find them).

YouTube is officially the 2nd largest search engine after Google. This is quite incredible for a platform that was designed purely for video upload, not as a search engine at all. If you want to reach potential customers for your products and/or services using video, then YouTube is a very important platform to master.

The Importance of Video Marketing

It is thought that approximately 84% of businesses currently use video as a marketing tool. and statistics show that 92% of marketers believe that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. These numbers, while crude show that business has recognised the value of video and it's sensible to surmise from them that if you are not yet using video that it's possible you are bing left behind, especially if your competitors are. 

While video can be an incredibly effective tool, it cannot be used indiscriminately and it is important to think about where you are investing your time for best results when it comes to web content creation. Statistics suggest that 80% of people would rather watch video from a brand than read a blog, which indicates that it is more worthwhile investing time in creating video content, however, that figure will vary from industry to industry and of course will be different for B2B (Business to Business) audiences compared to B2C (Business to Consumer) audiences.

the message is, if you fail to take video as a form of web content seriously, then your business could lose out to competitors that are using it effectively as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Help People with Video

Video assists both users and marketers. It helps:

  • Increase understanding of a product or service
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce support queries
  • Increase traffic
  • Increase time on website
  • Build brand awareness

Video is a highly effective way to display information and is an excellent means of resolving the obstacles to purchase, making it easier for customers to make that decision and convert.

The 4 Types of Video You Need to Make

  1. How to video – YouTube deals with thousands of ‘how to’ search queries every day. Creating this these types of videos gives you more authority and makes it more likely that your content will be found. To make your videos as relevant as possible, try to do some keyword research before developing your content to make sure you are answering the queries your potential customers are searching. 
  2. FAQ Videos – Answering the questions people are asking about your business/product/service/industry in a video can improve sales by helping to educate your customers and reassuring them that you have the experience, understanding and skill to help them. That makes their decision when choosing a provider easier. 
  3. Products & Services – Embed product and service explainer videos on your website. People will engage with the video and spend longer on the page. The amount of time spent on a page is now a ranking factor in Google, so it is worthwhile taking steps to encourage people to spend more time on your pages. Beware though, make sure the video is hosted on a platform like YouTube so it doesn't affect your page load speeds. 
  4. Introduction to the business – Create a short video on your story and what you do. This can be embedded on the home page and the about sections of your website. This can be a really good way to let visitors to your website know how you can help them and what your business is the best fit for as well as giving your business a human face that is relatable and makes relationship building easier.

Coming up with Video Ideas

Listen to your customers and do your research. This can be a great way to come up with ideas for video content. The likelihood is that if one person is asking a question about your business a number of others will be too, whether they ask you directly or not. You should make it as easy as possible for people to find information about your business. the golden rule is don't make customers have to try or think. Finding you, answering their questions and buying from you should be as intuitive, easy and simple as possible. 

If you are still struggling for ideas, then take a look at the free tool AnswerThePublic. Simply enter the keywords into the search box and click ‘Get Questions’ and it will generate a number of content ideas based on what people are searching. Look at the queries and decide on a few you can create useful videos for. It is then a good idea to go to YouTube and type the search query in and see what the competition looks like for that query, just to make sure you aren't reinventing the wheel, after all your content needs to stand out and try to offer something that no-one else's does.

If there are a number of good videos answering that search query, then creating a video for that query may not be the best use of time due to the competition. Instead look for queries where the results are not very good as this presents the best opportunity for your video to rank well in the YouTube results. 

Answer the Public home page

When you consider that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, ranking in search results there is certainly likely to be very beneficial to your business, especially if there is a considerable amount of traffic around those topics. 

How to Create a Great Video

There are a number of simple steps that can be followed to create a high quality video.

Preparation & Introductions

Be prepared. It is a good idea to prepare a script, so you know what you are going to say and then rehearse it. You only have the first few seconds of the video to grab people’s attention, so let’s take a look at two effective methods for starting your video to get people engaged.

APP Method

  • Agree – Begin with a statement that the viewer can easily agree with. ‘I’m sure you would agree…’
  • Promise – Explain that you have a solution and that there are brighter days ahead. ‘What if I could help you’
  • Preview – Elaborate on how you intend to communicate the solution. ‘I’m going to solve this for you’

Bridge Method

  • Desired Situation – Let the audience picture where they want to be. Imagine you never have to worry about x again’
  • Current Situation – Explain where they might be right now. ‘But right now x is concerning you.’
  • Offer a Bridge – Elaborate on how you intend to communicate the solution. ‘In this video I’m going to show you/tell you…’

Framing & Lighting

  • Head space - make sure there is not a lot of unnecessary empty space around your head and think about how close or how far away you stand from the camera. Stand off to the right or left if you want to put text at the side of the video.
  • Lighting – make sure you have good lighting and are not in darkness. It is a good idea to place a light in front of you and on either side of you. Ensure there are no distracting shadows, shapes or objects in the shot.
  • Setting – Choose a quiet, tidy space so people focus on you and not your surroundings. If appropriate, include your brand in the background so as to highlight where the content is coming form and fix it viewers minds. 


You may be thinking that it costs a lot of money to get started with video content creation, but the truth is you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a great video. You can get started with some very basic equipment.

Filming can be done on your mobile phone camera, a cheap microphone can be purchased for sound quality, lighting with 150W bulbs is very reasonably priced and any Mac users will know that video editing software comes for free in the form of iMovie. All the equipment below will help you get started.Equipment to make videos

Then as you get better and start to see the benefits of creating video content you can invest in more professional equipment.

Video Editing

When it comes to editing your video, it is important to consider that 85% of people watch Facebook videos without sound. People often engage with video in public places where having the sound on is not an option and this means that subtitles are an absolute must. Failing to add subtitles to your video could lead to people not viewing your video at all!

There are always issues with adding music to your videos due to copyright. Luckily YouTube has a large library of music that you can use in your videos, so you don’t have to worry about finding legal tracks.

Choose your preferred editing software and master it. Final Cut Pro X is a far more advanced version of iMovie for Mac users and will cost £299.99. Camtasia can be used on Mac and PC and will cost around £225. Adobe Premiere Pro is another great piece of software for video editing, with a cost of around £20 per month. Alternatively you might consider Promo which has a free if limited version as well as paid for options with greater functionality for between £79 - £129 per month depending on your needs. 

Learning to edit takes time, so you might prefer to outsource your video editing. As a general rule 1 minute of video takes 1 hour to edit. Keep this in mind when you get a quote back from a video editor. If you want a 5 minute video and they quote 5 hours of time, then this is about right. If they quote you 10 hours, then you are probably better off taking your business elsewhere!

Make Sure to Promote Your Video

After you’ve taken time to create your video make sure to promote it. YouTube and social media will be your main platforms for promotion. On YouTube people will often search for you with ‘how to’ queries. On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you can target the exact demographic of people who you want to see your video through paid advertising. For B2B Promotion LinkedIn is seeing a marked increase in video uploads so well worth considering as part of your strategy and it also have some excellent targeting filters if you choose to use their paid for advertising function. 

You can also promote your video through email sends. Make sure to check how adding video to your email affects engagement. Of course, you should also consider using your video content in your blog on your website but remember to embed it from YouTube to save your page load speed. 

Make Video Part of Your Digital Marketing

We believe that the prominence of video in both B2B B2C marketing is only going to increase over time so if it is a potential vehicle to aid accessing your audience then it's time to get on it. 

You do not need a large marketing budget to make great video content. You can start with simple explanation videos, describing what your products or services are or answer population questions you receive from your customers.

When you create the video remember to include your brand, a call to action and to promote it across your social media channels as well as embed the videos on your website if it is relevant to a particular page or on the blog if not.

Contact Video Marketing Experts

If you would like to find out more about using video as part of your digital marketing strategy, please contact us, we have significant expertise in developing effective video marketing content and are always happy to help.