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CGJ Mathias & Son Nurseries Partner with Innovation Visual

Posted by Vogue Phelps on 27-Apr-2023 13:39:33 | 3 Minute Read

We are thrilled to announce that CGJ Mathias & Son Nurseries has chosen to partner with Innovation Visual to support the growth of their family-run hedging nursery. We are excited to work closely with the team to help them meet their growth goals, through our ongoing digital marketing services. 

About CGJ Mathias & Son Nurseries

CGJ Mathias and Son Nurseries is a third-generation family-run nursery supplying quality hedging plants for almost 60 years. Their team of experts specialise in growing and supplying hedges for privacy, including their best sellers: Leylandii, Laurel and Native hedging. Offering a personable service and advice to a variety of commercial and private customers, the team are equipped with a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of horticulture, meaning they are well placed to help decide what would be best suited to customer requirements.
You can find out more about CGJ Mathias & Son Nurseries here.


Supporting CGJ Mathias & Son Nurseries with Digital Marketing Services

Organic Search

We will be focusing on delivering an effective SEO strategy incorporating on and off-page techniques to improve the visibility of the site, encouraging new traffic to drive conversions. A critical component of the buyer funnel, an effective SEO strategy is essential for long-term growth and ultimately, driving more users to complete sales but also to become valuable advocates of the brand.
To successfully optimise the site, we will undertake in-depth keyword research to identify ranking opportunities. This will enable us to integrate optimised content onto product pages and blogs, improving search ranking. We will also be incorporating other best-practice SEO techniques into the digital marketing strategy, including meta data and schema mark-up. This will help us to achieve CGJ Mathias & Son Nurseries goal of increasing their year-on-year online revenue by +20% by driving new traffic to the site and improving their visibility in SERPs.

Content Strategy

As a foundation of the digital marketing strategy, we will develop a strategic plan for creating and deploying content for long-term business growth. To help us achieve our objectives for CGJ Mathias & Son Nurseries, the content strategy will involve building the client’s ideal personas to enable us to write effective content that resonates with the target audience in a helpful way. Once equipped with the ideal personas and key terms to target, the content plan will define the roadmap to achieve the business goals.

Email Marketing

CGJ Mathias & Son Nurseries have previously used email marketing to share their latest products with a small database of existing customers. We plan to utilise targeted email marketing to further segment the database and provide helpful, free resources to nurture prospects towards a sale. In order to establish this expanded, purposeful email marketing strategy, it’s important for us to initially establish email marketing goals to dictate the type of campaigns we send, the target audience and key performance indicators. From there, we can begin segmenting contacts into lists and building creative email campaigns that will capture the reader’s attention amongst a busy inbox, as the emails will be personalised and align with contacts’ wants and needs.

Paid Search

Whilst SEO is fundamental for the organic growth of CGJ Mathias & Son Nurseries, we also plan to enhance and evolve their existing paid search advertising strategy. Search engine optimisation takes time to deliver longer term results, however PPC (Pay Per Click advertising) works as an effective method to generate traffic and revenue in the short term by honing targeting on our main personas.
We plan to create engaging Google Ads campaigns that are well targeted, maximise the clients’ budget and deliver qualified traffic to the site, resulting in more sales.


Comment from Will Mathias at Mathias Nurseries

“2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the nursery started by my grandfather, and we continue to provide the high level of customer service that you would expect from a family business. Our business has expanded significantly over the years, and we are now one of the largest growers of evergreen hedging in the UK. Our website has become an increasingly important source of sales for us and we know that there is an ever growing domestic market for UK grown plants. Although we are only at the start of our journey with Innovation Visual, they have presented a very clear and structured strategy to help us deliver the growth that our business knows that it can achieve. We are very excited about working with Innovation Visual and look forward to seeing the results when their campaigns start to take effect.”

We Can Help Your Business Too

We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with CGJ Mathias & Son Nurseries and look forward to seeing fantastic results, testament to our digital marketing efforts. If you would like to find out how we can help your business grow, then contact us today to discuss how we can help you to achieve your objectives. 

Innovation Visual client Mathias Nurseries logo overlaid over hedgerows

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