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Jeremy Hunt visits the Innovation Visual Office to talk about Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Tim on 16-Nov-2023 10:25:24 | 3 Minute Read

AI is a topic at the forefront of any conversation about digital marketing, with discussions exploring excitement about its possibilities, questions about its limitations and, in some cases, concerns about its implications. This is a form of technology that is becoming increasingly prevalent in day-to-day life, including places of work.  AI technologies such as generative AI – where systems can create text, images and videos based on prompts that are entered in the software – will have a massive impact on the way that businesses operate, and 2023 has seen a rapid increase in discussions and advancements within this space. Not only is there a lot of discussion about embracing these powerful technologies but Government is involved to both promote and regulate.

Here at Innovation Visual, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of discussion on technological advances and innovations that can help take our work to the next level, offering a higher standard for our clients, and allow us to act as leaders in our field. The use of AI plays a role in this, and we have been working to establish a better understanding of the technology, and the ways in which it can take us and our clients to the next level. We are constantly part of the conversations within the industry and further afield about AI. As part of being at the forefront of AI for digital marketing we hosted a senior member of the UK Government to discuss artificial intelligence and its impact.

A group photo in the Innovation Visual office with Jeremy Hunt and some of the Innovation Visual team.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt visits Innovation Visual to discuss the impacts of artificial intelligence on the digital marketing industry

On a sunny November morning, the team here at Innovation Visual took the chance to sit down with Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and MP for Southwest Surrey, to discuss the opportunities, challenges and implications that arise with the growth of artificial intelligence, and the ways in which we have been embracing and working alongside AI to enhance our work, and to support the delivery of desired results for clients.

Tim Butler, CEO of Innovation Visual, recently returned from presenting at the largest international event for e-commerce professionals in the Baltic States. During our discussion, he explained:

As a business we always focus on creating impactful digital marketing strategies and have understood for some time the importance of not only understanding but also embracing the opportunities AI holds for our results. In our conversations with the Chancellor and his reflections on the Bletchley Park Summit, I am even more convinced that being at the vanguard of using AI for digital marketing is the right strategy for Innovation Visual and its clients.

In the Innovation Visual office, Tim Butler, CEO of Innovation Visual sits down with Jeremy Hunt to record an episode of Digital Marketing Answered.

A special episode of Digital Marketing Answered™

As part of the visit, Tim also hosted Mr Hunt on Innovation Visual’s Digital Marketing Answered™ podcast, where they discussed further the use of Generative AI in marketing and the wider impact of Artificial Intelligence on businesses – particularly the growth of this technology in the UK, and the Surrey area.

During the episode Jeremy Hunt said:

‘London has always been a hub for creativity, and I think that spills over to Surrey and we’ve now become a hub for AI and the tech industry. In the last decade we’ve built up a tech industry that is double the size of Germany, three times the size of France and that’s going to be the next big thing for the UK economy.’

Hunt goes on to also mention the following about generative AI:

‘For the UK it’s a huge opportunity because we have more than double the number of AI companies than any other European country and in fact globally. I met Elon Musk last week when he was over here for the AI Safety Summit which Rishi Sunak organised and he said that London and San Francisco are the two global hubs for AI’.

The Future of AI

At Innovation Visual, we are committed to ensuring that we are at the forefront of the latest developments in technology and digital marketing – and this includes making sure we know how to make the most of AI to offer maximum benefit for our clients. While the future of AI is in a constant state of change, there is one thing that seems certain: this is a trend that is here to stay, and is set to be a key aspect in the success of future digital marketing strategies.

Listen to the special edition Digital Marketing Answered™ on your favourite podcast website and on Innovation Visual’s YouTube channel:


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