Videregen Website Design & Development Case Study

At Innovation Visual we deliver web design and development projects using our experienced in-house team. The business objective for Videregen was to reach customers and investors associated with organ transplant through developing an online presence by commissioning a new website. There is a chronic shortage of organs for transplantation with many people waiting often many months for organs to become available from donors. Videregen’s mission is to provide suitable organs for transplant in certain specific, specialist areas, such as trachea replacement. The business wants to be part of the solution to address the chronic shortage of organs for transplantation.

Our goal was to create a website from the ground up to reflect the unique nature of the Videregen business. Its design needed to have an easy user interface that would communicate complicated medical terminology in an easy to understand format and one that had clear objectives to drive the right visitors and investors and to site. The site also needed to be able to grow with the business and be updated as required.

WordPress as the Content Management System

In order to best meet the requirements of the brief we built the site on a WordPress content management platform. This allows a number of different access levels to be assigned to the Videregen team members, from full admin to contributor. We also included our expert search engine optimisation knowledge and researched the search keywords that Videregen’s audience may use to ensure that the site’s visibility on the Internet was optimised in the right way.

Website Design

The visual design of the website was an entirely custom design, both at desktop and mobile device level. Due to the unusual nature of the business a medical illustration agency was commissioned to create the anatomical visuals for the website. Medical illustrations of the trachea and liver were created because it is not possible to use photography of internal human organs. The aim for clear illustrations and graph visuals to help communicate the message of how Videregen’s new decellularisation technology would ensure organ transplantation not to be rejected by the patient. To explain the processes behind bringing organ transplant to the fore front of medicine involving anatomy of the trachea, small bowel and liver.

The Final Website

The end result was our creating a fully responsive website that would look great on any device such as iPhone, iPods, laptops, ensuring it met the briefs requirements. A website that would drive the right visitors to engage with the company and it’s innovative technology and would be easy to update and change as the business changes. The site runs within our own hosting environment ensuring that it is fast and robust. You can view the website at

Videregen Website Home Page ScreenshotVideregen website design and development screenshot