Going Beyond Just Keyword Research – Truly Understand Your Audience

On Friday 15th September, I went down to Brighton SEO with the Innovation Visual team. I spent the day listening to experts talk about various subjects from paid search to business strategy, and of course SEO. I came back full of ideas and marketing inspiration. One session that I found really interesting was about advanced […]

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structured data markup concept is similar to jenga construction

Structured Data – why it is important and why you should have it live on your website

Structured data markup is a technical solution based on XML, JSON-LD and/or other digital coding formats used on the web today. It helps search engines and other digital tools understand better what a specific element of a web document is about, classify the page content and provide additional information about the document itself.  There are many standards and vocabularies which could be classified as structured data, but the most popular and most crucial for search […]

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How Many People Are Online? See The World Population Day 2018 Blog

The world’s population is now over 7.6 billion. Just think about that for a second. 7.6 billion. In that second you’ve spent thinking about that another 4.3 people have just been born. So what does the world’s population mean for digital marketing? How many people use the internet? Over 50% of the world’s population have […]

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