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The vast majority of people looking to make a purchase start their search with a search engine. Google is the dominant search engine both in the UK and USA, but Bing has a significant user-base so should not be ignored. From that should begin the SEO UK discussion. The job of the search engine is to return the best pages on the Internet that fit the searchers specific query. With the thousands and often millions of pages being ranked for a specific term you need to work hard to get onto that first page of the results.

Our search engine marketing for clients starts with researching those terms that you should actually be trying to rank on the first page for. We use the latest data tools to find out what search terms your prospective customers are using to search for your products, in what volumes, and how competitive it is to rank highly for each term. This allows us to work from an informed position and decide which terms will deliver you’re the best ROI on your search marketing.

Whether you are building a new site or optimizing an existing website we start at the base level of coding and structural SEO. This means is the underlying coding of the website working well to present your content in the best possible way? Relatively small changes in the way your website is coded can deliver big benefits.

We also examine the profile of your existing in-bound (links to your site from other websites) links as this is a hugely important factor in determining SEO success. Links to your website are usually positive, but can be negative, especially if you have had some previous organic work that has tried short-cutting to success. We have tools to assess how good your link profile is and we can tell you what needs to happen to improve it.

  • Start with data for your market
  • Target terms that will deliver
  • Examine your site coding
  • Analyse your inbound links
  • Create an SEO plan specific to you
  • Work to deliver on that plan
Google Search Results page, also known as SERPs

Why are my Google & Bing results different?


Each search engine uses a different algorithm to decide which page is ranked where for a search term. The calculations are complex and take into account many factors and because of this the results are different. Good SEO (no matter which country it is targeted for, the UK, US or any other) puts you close to the top regardless of which search engine is used.

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