Organic Search Results for Locally Focused Businesses

Many smaller businesses do not believe that search engine optimisation can be made to work for them. This isn’t true. Where businesses are operating in a defined geographical catchment area, a different approach to search marketing needs to be taken. Having worked on a wide range of localised search marketing campaigns we understand the variations that occur and how to deliver results consistently for our clients.

We are Guildford based agency but we do not work with companies from the region only (our local SEO services don’t cover Hampshire, Surrey or Sussex only). We remain for your disposal when it comes to the whole UK and US too.

Understand the Searcher’s Behaviour

A fundamental part of developing an effective localised search campaign is understanding the searcher’s behaviour. It seems obvious but many agencies seem to omit this step. The language and scope of searches vary depending on what is being searched on. For example commonly found trades such as plumbers and electricians are searched for on a very localised basis. For example ‘plumbers in Haslemere’ and ‘electricians in Liphook’. More specialist trades are searched on wider geographic basis, for example ‘search engine optimisation Surrey’. However, within a business you may have products or services that searchers look for on a different geographical basis to others. For example ‘puppy training’ typically has a narrow geographical scope (e.g. Haslemere), yet ‘dog behaviourist’ is more specialist so is searched for on a wider geographical basis (e.g. Hampshire or Sussex).

Using Search Insights Effectively

We combine the examination of the geographical search behaviour with keyword data that we have extracted from our set of tools to provide us with knowledge and insights. We believe in working from data – not from guess-work! From this we can develop a localised organic search strategy that is specific to your business and products / services that will deliver the best results.

Ranking for Map Results

You will often see a set of mapped results delivered within a ‘normal’ search results page on Google & Bing, especially when a location is included within the search string. However certain search terms will trigger map results being shown even when there is no geographical term included. Try searching for ‘pizza delivery’ as an example of this. The importance of the map results is that they are not driven from your website, and it is why we take a complete view of your search marketing.

Map results are from your Google Business page / Bing Business listings, and therefore when we work on your localised SEO we work on these elements as well as your website. We develop a strategy that can take advantage of the map results, as well as the standard organic search results, giving you the maximum visibility for terms that will deliver profitable business for you.

Example of mapped results in Google SERP (SEO Surrey localised search results instance)

Knowing What Results to Fight For

You probably don’t have unlimited marketing budget and time to commit to your search marketing and online presence – this is reality of business! Therefore choices may have to be made as to which terms you should fight for in your localised organic search optimisation, and which ones are out of your reach. 85% of searchers do not go beyond the first page. Therefore if your investment is not going to be sufficient to out compete your rivals to get on the first page, it is better to focus your efforts elsewhere. We believe search rankings are about delivering profit to your business, not vanity of placement. There are alternatives to localised organic search – geographically focused paid search campaigns can be very effective at delivering profitable visitors to your website for search terms where your organic search efforts would be best focused elsewhere. We will advise you on the complete range of search marketing opportunities you and your business have available and how they can be best combined to deliver profitable results and business growth for you.

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