The Medical Stock Images Company
The Medical Stock Images Company
The Medical Stock Images Company
The Medical Stock Images Company
The Medical Stock Images Company

The Medical Stock Images Company

Target Audience: B2B
Category: eCommerce Selling Medical Stock Imagery

The Brief

The Medical Stock Images Company Ltd were a start up company who were looking to commission an agency that could provide multiple service solutions from the digital marketing plan right through to the creation of an online store for the purpose of marketing and selling rights managed stock imagery.

The goal of the Medical Stock Images Company is the provision of stock imagery to be done entirely as an ecommerce enterprise and where an image can be used and reused for commercial design purposes as a second option for those looking for an instant image. As opposed  to commissioning a new image from scratch saving customers both time and budget.

The brief was to target the US market so as part of the design and build we planned an SEO marketing strategy to include international search engine optimisation and writing relevant content with keywords to increase traffic to the site.

Project Areas

International Search Engine Optimisation 100%
eCommerce Website Development 100%
Content Development Strategy 100%
Google Analytics Consultancy 100%
Content development 100%
On-going Digital Marketing 100%
customer information example page

Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

To meet the budget requirements we chose to develop from an existing eCommerce platform. Together with the client we considered a number of different platforms that were available for rapid development and deployment of an eCommerce site. For this project the ability to deliver digital downloads quickly and securely were paramount as well as the ability to optimise the website for SEO. We chose the Shopify platform for the project as it scored highest again the criteria for this project.

Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution that would allow us to customise and incorporate the brand design and one where the customer buying process was secure and would accept all credit card payments and Paypal giving the end customers on the site the best choice. Due to the request to initially target a US and other international markets we implemented a dynamic currency convertor for six of the most relevant currencies.

We chose to use a cloud-based solution as it could provide the management of an unlimited number of products and an inventory where customers could fulfill orders in a few simple steps including agreement to the individual license terms with each image purchase.

The final solutions that were needed as with any store is the facility for the store owners to manage unlimited products and have them listed in an inventory, where it was possible to track sales and growth trends and have an accounting integration facility.

eCommerce Web Design & Branding

When we were considering the design concepts the key factor we decided, especially as we were designing for an ecommerce website, was understanding the target market and knowing who the products were aimed for, what the customers were really wanting deep down, and why they would care about The Medical Stock Images Company products over and above others. The unique selling point for the The Medical Stock Images Company was that they were only going to provide stock imagery that had been created by trained medical artists, to give reassurance to any medical professional as to the anatomical accuracy of each image.

Our choice of design was one that was clear, concise and engaging in the brand’s message that reflected the companies values of selling only the highest quality imagery. We chose a clean aesthetic as we wanted to provide customers with all the product education they would need so they understood what they were purchasing. One with lack of clutter where the website was very customer intuitive and with a search facility that would allow customers to search and find exactly what they wanted.

People’s digital attention spans are growing shorter, so our aim in the design was to provide customers with a punchy and concise answer as soon as they arrive to the store. Due to the ultimate need for the store to hold unlimited products we formatted the images to ensure loading speeds were great and the web to mobile transition was seamless.

  • International SEO
  • Logo and Brand Design
  • Managed Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Assistance
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Google Analytics Consultancy
search facility example for the medical stock images company

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