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Innovation Visual Stream Google Marketing Live Event

The Innovation Visual team were delighted to welcome guests to our Google Marketing Livestream event last night. Google Marketing Live is an annual event run by Google, which brings leading digital marketers to the stage to discuss the latest product innovations and highlight the future of search to marketing professionals and business owners.

The event was taking place in San Jose, California and, as a Google Partner, Innovation Visual were able to livestream the event to our offices. Alongside the livestream, our guests were also treated to food and drinks courtesy of Chameleon Cuisine and a free Google goodie bag!

What did Google Marketing Live reveal?

The presentation began with Google’s Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, taking to the stage. Sridhar explained how advertising at its best puts people first and how this is extremely important in a world where people have become increasingly research obsessed.

There are 3 fundamental things that advertising should be to be successful:

• Valuable
• Transparent
• Trustworthy

Whenever you create ads Google recommend that you should keep these things in mind.

Google Marketing Livestream Event at Innovation Visual

Video engagement is growing

Google is constantly innovating its advertising platform to make the most of the way the industry is changing. For example, people are watching and engaging far more with video. 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched on a daily basis! This has led to Google introducing TrueView for action, which can significantly increase sign ups from YouTube ads.

Site speed is important

50% of mobile users will not remain on a site if it takes too long to load. The loading speed of your site has never been more important, and Google has recognised this. In the new Google Ads platform, landing page speed will show you how fast your pages load, allowing you to easily identify where slow loading landing pages could negatively impact the performance of your ads.

Page loading speed is also a ranking factor, so it should be a priority to make your website load time as low as possible.

Local search to attract local business

Google can help you promote your business to local searchers. 75% of people who conduct a local search visit a business shown in the search results within 24 hours. Local SEO is incredibly important, especially with people increasingly turning to search engines to find what they’re looking for in their local area.

The introduction of Google Marketing Platform

One of the standout announcements from Google Marketing Live was the introduction of the Google Marketing Platform, which will bring together Google’s advertising and analytics tools together in one place.

Bringing Google Ads and Google Analytics data together under one roof will allow for a more accurate presentation of your website data, so you can truly understand the traffic to your website and how people are engaging with you online.

Google Marketing Platform Logo

Innovations in digital marketing

Following the conclusion of the livestream, Innovation Visual’s Tim Butler spoke to the assembled guests about what marketeers need to know about the latest innovations in digital marketing. Tim’s talk focused on the marketing programme, Grow by Facebook, and the benefits of online reviews for organic search.

Tim also discussed the value of reviews. As a Trustpilot partner, our team are very knowledgeable on the benefits of implementing online reviews on websites that can be exposed to search engines, and therefore displayed in search results. If reviews are displayed in search results, then it can significantly improve click through rate. Tim’s presentation is available to download:

Download the ‘Innovations in Digital Marketing’ Presentation Slides

You can also download a document detailing the content from the presentation if you would like to read in more detail about the latest innovations in digital marketing.

Download the Write Up of Tim’s ‘Innovations in Digital Marketing’ Presentation


Tim Butler Speaking about Grow by Facebook

Thank you to our attendees & Register for our next event!

The Innovation Visual team would like to thank our guests for attending the event and we hope that you found it useful learning about the future product innovations that are going to shape the way people search online.

Next up for our Innovations in Digital Marketing event series we are hosting a breakfast event on the 10th October from 7.30am. The event agenda is as follows:

7.30am-7.45am – Tea, Coffee & Breakfast Sandwiches
7.45-8am: – Welcome and introduction
8-8.30am: Real World Results of Google’s Recent Announcements
8.30-9am: Innovations in Digital Marketing (Chatbots & Voice Search)
9-9.15am: Using Video in Digital Marketing
9.15-9.30am: Your questions answered & networking

Please register your interest now for this event

Event testimonials

“Huge thanks to the team at Innovation Visual for a fantastic event livestreaming Google Marketing Live and for providing great additional information. Innovation Visual are the go to digital experts for sure!” – Amanda Weller, Quantum Body Talk

“I really enjoyed the Google broadcast evening – it was a great opportunity to chat to your key people, network with other local business and pick up some valuable tips on digital marketing. Thanks for being so generous with the catering too!” – Lis Speight, The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

“Thank you for organising such a great event!” – Barbara Vizhanyo, Health & Aesthetics