Providing Digital Marketing Services For BodyUK

Innovation Visual are pleased to announce that we are now providing digital marketing services for Surrey-based fitness company BodyUK, founded by Jem Scragg. Jem is driven by a contagious enthusiasm and aims to help empower people to lead a healthier lifestyle and get back into shape. Until now, BodyUK has not been doing any paid […]

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Google Partner - Google Mobile Specialist top 100 letter

Mobile – is vital for your website, so deal with it

We got a letter through from Google today congratulating us on being one of the first Google Partners with Mobile specialisation.  It made me think about conversations I am still having with people about mobile web use. Fortunately it doesn’t happen very often but there are still some businesses that think that mobile web browsing is […]

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Jani King Launch New UK Website

The global number one commercial cleaning franchise business, Jani King has launched its new UK website with the assistance of Innovation Visual. We have been working with Jani King for a number of months with leading Hampshire creative agency Mzuri. With Jani King’s UK business growing rapidly Mzuri have been coordinating marketing strategy and execution […]

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