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Perdix Wildlife Solutions are specialists in providing high quality research and management supplies to professional wildlife researchers, government agencies, universities, environmentalists and conservation projects across the UK and the world. In addition to this, they also supply their products to individuals and businesses for a wide variety of uses.



Perdix had found that their online presence attracted a lot of general wildlife enthusiasts as well as their main target audience (wildlife professionals). Not only this, enthusiasts had also been proven to drain a significant amount of Perdix’s time in sales implementation and resulted in many refunds due to poor knowledge of the camera technology.

Once a new audience direction to exclude non-professionals and enthusiasts had been agreed, we were then tasked to deliver growth through their ecommerce website and ensure greater visibility within their key wildlife professionals target audience.


  • PPC Strategy
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Organic Search Optimisation
  • Persona Development 


Working with Perdix, we reviewed their product range to identify the items that gave them the highest profit margin – (Moultri, Reconyx, Browning branded cameras). We created a UK focused PPC campaign to increase sales of high value branded camera products to optimise online sales value and ROI.

With the Perdix branded PPC camera campaign, we carefully considered the lifestyle and habits of the target audience and from our ongoing data collation we derived that the target audience were likely to be more active online earlier in the day. Therefore, we deliberately scheduled ads for that time, helping us avoid wasting budget on people who were less likely to convert.

We carried out keyword research and identified generalised terms that were more likely to be used by non-professional wildlife enthusiasts and added these terms to the appropriate negative keyword lists. By honing the target terms towards those used by professionals ensured we would be delivering higher quality traffic with our ad spend.

Once the keyword research had been carried out, landing pages for the top 3 selling camera brands were created. We optimised each page to ensure we gained good quality scores and focused on ensuring the pages were informative and helpful for the prospective purchaser.



As a result of our paid search campaign, we achieved a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 380.49%

The average CPA (cost per acquisition) was £73.52.
- Put in context, the average order value from paid was £261.84 vs only £111.59 from organic

This coupled with high quality scores of 7/10 and higher this provided Perdix with a great PPC campaign result at a low CPC (cost per click).


Client comments

“Innovation Visual have played a significant role in transforming the online presence of Cannon Pest Control.  Not only have they managed the rebuild and redesign of the new website to a very successful conclusion, they have created an online presence that has enabled us to engage with our audience on a much more in-depth level and compete effectively in a highly competitive sector. 

Tim is extremely knowledgeable and more importantly, he was heavily involved in every step. We had total confidence in his ability to deliver exactly what we needed and he also played a significant part in shaping our social strategy.

 What set Innovation Visual apart from other social media organisations I have worked with is the calibre of the whole team.  It is quite clear that Innovation Visual demand very high standards and this comes across in all dealings we have with them – whether it be blog writing, analysis or complex social media strategy. I am very happy with the relationship and would recommend Innovation Visual to any organisation that is serious about their Social Media presence.”

Dr David Butler, founder and Managing Director of Perdix Wildlife Supplies said of the decision to work with Innovation Visual.

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