Our Charity Donations

One Percent for the Planet OrganisationAt Innovation Visual we are passionate about wildlife and its preservation. As part of our committment we have signed up to donate a minimum of 1% of our entire turnover to environmental causes each year as members of the 1% for the Planet Organisation. We do this from the company profits so it does not affect the prices we charge to customers for our work. There are now more than 1200 businesses who between them have donated over $100 million to 3,300 non-profit organisations working on environmental causes through this charity.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Logo

At Innovation Visual we are very happy to have chosen our first charity to support The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) with our donations since joining the 1% for the Planet movement in 2012. David Shepherd is an internationally famous artist who has spent the majority of his life campaigning for environmental causes. Founder and director, Joanna has admired his work, both as an environmental campaigner and as an artist for a large number of years. Having first listened to one of David’s entertaining and impassioned talks about saving our wildlife back in 1992.

Joanna has been a long time supporter of DSWF and therefore they were a natural choice for our 1% for the Planet donations again for 2014. The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is a small, effective charity funding key projects in Africa and Asia working to save critically endangered mammals in the wild. DSWF supports anti-poaching and conservation projects throughout Africa and Asia making a real difference to the survival of these critically endangered mammals from painted dogs to tigers and from snow leopards to rhinos.

If your business is a 1% for the Planet member then donating to the DSWF would be a very worthy recipient of your donations.

Conservation to Save The Painted Dog

Painted dog in AfricaInnovation Visual annually donates one percent of its total turnover to charities that help with the conservation of wildlife as part of our One Percent for the Planet Commitment, and preservation of the worlds natural habitat. In 2014 we first donated to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DWSF) for a particular cause to help the Painted Dogs Appeal.

The painted dog is one of Africas most endangered animals and one of its least understood. It lives in complex social groups with family very much at its heart.

DSWF has been able to change the perception of the painted dog and to bring the message alive to the many hundreds of young Africans who pass through the DSWF funded residential bush camp in Zimbabwe each year.

Mediterranean Turtle Conservation – MEDASSET

We have been donating to the Greek based turtle conservation charity MEDASSET that undertake valuable conservation and education work for turtles in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the donations we have made, we have also purchased a number of their gift products to give to our clients to support financially in this way too. Read more information about their turtle conservation activities.