Luxury International Interior Designer Chooses Innovation Visual

Annabella Nassetti: A Living Concept Innovation Visual are excited to announce our collaboration with new client Annabella Nassetti, a luxury, international product & architectural interior designer. With a wealth of experience behind her, 18 years to be exact, Annabella Nassetti has been nominated for a Compasso D’Oro prize and has been achieving recognition ever since, […]

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Lizzie Durley's Certificate for Successful Completion of the Google Adwords Specialist Challenge

Innovation Visual Employee Investment: Gaining the Google Specialist Certification

We are pleased to announce that our Digital Marketing Executive, Lizzie, has successfully completed the Google Specialist Challenge in completing all 6 AdWords Advertising Exams! Congrats, Lizzie! This involved achieving over 80% for the Fundamentals, Search, Display, Mobile, Video, and Shopping Advertising exams. Innovation Visual is particularly eager to invest in employee training as a […]

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Google Partner - Google Mobile Specialist top 100 letter

Mobile – is vital for your website, so deal with it

We got a letter through from Google today congratulating us on being one of the first Google Partners with Mobile specialisation.  It made me think about conversations I am still having with people about mobile web use. Fortunately it doesn’t happen very often but there are still some businesses that think that mobile web browsing is […]

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